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“Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration.”

This is how wikipedia describes it, and that’s our approach too. We can offer creative solutions without confusing choices, visual ideas with an objective perspective. We stay close to the ideals of keeping things functional but also authentic. - let us show you what we can do!

In the context of a production with us, we offer the help you need: be it a free consultation, an adaptation of your print data, up to a complete layout/artwork creation. Depending on the volume, we have different flat rates in our offer, which simplify a calculation very much.

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  • 1

    the graphic data with drawn cutting, punching and folding edges.
  • 2
    Adjustment to templates from Deine.CD

    the graphic is brought into the right format, single pages are put together appropriately. Bleed added in case of doubt.
  • 3
    Adjustment to templates & text placement

    in addition to 2), text e.g. the spine text of the inlay or the digipack spine, logos etc. can be set to fit.
  • 4
    Adjustment to templates & Text & Image Editing

    in addition to 2) & 3), we are already creatively intervening in pictures/photos etc.. This can be useful, e.g. to better integrate photos into the artwork.
  • 5
    Complete Layout created by Deine.CD

    here the artwork will be created completely new. At an attractive flat rate, while otherwise such services are charged per hour.
  • 6
    Project-independent graphic

    will be invoiced according to expenditure. Typical and often requested topics are e.g. logo design, design flyers, sales promotion, posters.


Sample 01
Leonhard Baumert - Abschied Job: Artwork
Sample 02
Matthias Keller - Grieg & Schumann Job: Artwork
Sample 03
DEINE.CD - Dankeflyer Job: Flyer Design
Sample 04
Leonhard Baumert - Weihnachtsmelodien Job: Artwork
Sample 05
Koschnick - Wispre Of A Summer Breeze Job: Artwork
Sample 06
Wiersbin - Jazzy Day Job: Artwork
Sample 07
Minimusiker - Sing mit! Job: Logo Design
Sample 08
DEINE.CD - Visitenkarte Job: Graphic Design
Sample 09
Erlacher - Agil Job: Artwork
Sample 10
Ferguson - Music is the Key Job: Artwork/Retouching
Sample 11
The Dream Collison Job: Artwork
Sample 12
Bauch - All Times Job: Artwork
Sample 13
Stiftung Sparkasse - August Sander Job: Artwork
Sample 14
Wallner Job: Artwork
Sample 15
Cobos - Instantes Job: Artwork/Retouching
Sample 16
The Rosinenbomber - Mad World Job: Artwork
Sample 17
Dvora Davis - Definitive Job: Artwork
Sample 18
Wenzel - Artwork Job: Artwork
Sample 19
Weran Job: Adaption & Composition
Sample 20
Advent - Realität Job: Adaption
Sample 21
Nikobo Job: Adaption
Sample 22
Bodurov Job: Adaption
Sample 23
Barsch - Classic Dreams Job: Artwork
Sample 24
Gäfud Job: Adaption
Sample 25
Tilopa - Kyotaku breeze Job: Adaption & Composition
Sample 26
Sheridan Job: Adaption
Sample 27
Soda - Crossover Job: Artwork

Customer Voice

  • Friendly, competent communication. Perfect quality. Easy
    configuration. Highly recommended.

    Marco Hofmann
  • Personal service, friendly communication, quick processing
    and speedy delivery, without any complications – we’ll be pressing our next
    CD with DEINE.CD again.

    Benny K.
  • All good. The whole process was really easy and everything went like clockwork,
    Great (pro-active) service. No hesitation in recommending DEINE.CD!
    Keep up the good work!

    Felix Roeken
  • 100% what I was looking for –
    No, actually it was better! Competent, quick and detailed
    answers to all my questions.

    Sannskript (band)