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  • You want to send us your songs

    There are several ways. You can simply send us your data/files via our WeTransfer Channel - You can, of course, also use Dropbox or other similar services if you have already loaded your data/files onto a server. Alternatively you can just send us a master CD in the post, and if you live in Berlin, then you are more than welcome to just bring your data/files to us: we’re there for you Monday to Friday from 9a.m to 5p.m.
  • What’s the best format for your songs?

    A DDP file is the ideal format for the master copy/CD, but ISO and Nero files are also fine. You can also send us the songs as an audio CD by post. If sending a master per post, please use a Jewelcase or similar packaging to minimise the risk of damage during transport. You can also send us the individual songs as wave / aiff / mp3 files and we’ll configure the master CD for you – in this case please select the option ‘Make a Master’ in the Configuration options.
  • Do there have to be pauses between the tracks?

    No, there don’t have to be, but there can be. It is not a problem if one track flows into the next. Indeed, that’s quite common especially by DJ Mixes and recordings of concerts. If we’re producing the master copy for you, let us know whether you want us to put gaps between the songs or not.
  • CD Text or iTunes Gracenote Database entries: What’s that?

    CD Text is the album title, song title and the artist/band name: this information is stored in the TOC (table of contents) on the CD. Most CD players can read and display this information. Some software players – like iTunes for example – don’t do this, in which case an entry in the Gracenote database can be helpful.
  • Can we also upload pictures into the Gracenote database?

    Unfortunately, no.
  • Why doesn’t Itunes recognise my CD text?

    Itunes doesn’t read the CD text but rather identifies a CD by the number of titles and the length/ duration of the CD – it then collates this with the entry in the Gracenotes database.
  • What’s the best format for your videos?

    The ideal format for a video DVD is a Video_TS folder You can send this to us zipped or as an ISO file.
  • You want to have a look at our print templates?

    No problem: you can see the most popular graphic templates here . If you can’t find a template that suits your preferred packaging, no problem, just send us a request by mail.
  • How do I use the graphic templates?

    The graphics template PDF’s can be imported into most every graphics program. If you import them with 300 DPI, they will be in the original size and you can simply insert pictures, photos and text into the template. When finished, simply remove the original template and export the rest as a PDF – that’s it!
  • In which format should I send the graphics?

    Best is to send graphics as a PDF with 300 DPI, and if possible convert text into curves.
  • I don’t have any graphics and don’t know anyone who can help me – or you just want it to look really professional!

    In that case you can get us to do the whole layout for you. Send us your texts images/photos and we’ll put your artwork together according to what you want.
  • What does it look like, when I get you to do the layout?

    In principal, just like you want it. You can ask us for some sample designs or have a look at Graphics where there are several layout examples.
  • What exactly happens when I order a CD/DVD?

    You get your professionally produced CD/DVD quickly and easily with DEINE.CD.
    1. Choose your format (CD or DVD) the number of units required, graphic colour, packaging etc.
    2. Then click on ‘Order Now’, submit your delivery/invoice address
    3. Check and correct the summary of your order
    4. And then click on ‘binding order’
    5. You then get a confirmation and invoice mail from us. This mail contains your account details. You’ll also receive an additional mail with the graphics for the layout of your CD/DVD and packaging.
    6. If your CD includes music you will have to fill out the GEMA form and send or fax this to GEMA. For a small fee we will also take over the GEMA registration for you – just click the box in the CD Configurator. We are not able to deliver discs without a release form from GEMA – regardless of whether the music is your own and not registered with GEMA or whether it is GEMA registered tracks. You can find more information on this in the GEMA section of the FAQs.
    7. Then either pay the fees by bank transfer or via PayPal, send the disc you want to copy per post and any graphics or layout elements on a separate CD-ROM or DVD or via the net.
    8. Once you have checked all of your configurations and have paid the full amount, your discs go into production and – given the release form from GEMA – will be sent out to you within 5/6 working days. Large order or orders with additional option – like shrink wrapping – can take one or two days longer.
    9. As soon as we dispatch the disc you’ll get a mail with a tracking link, so that you can see where your delivery is and when it will arrive. We use UPS which means your order will be with you within two days.
  • What modes of payment can I use?

    You can pay either by bank transfer or by PayPal. You will receive an automatic mail with our bank details / PayPal address upon ordering.
  • You’re in a hurry?

    Fine, we are really fast. We can produce and send out practically every combination of disc and packaging within 1- 3 days. Just choose the Express Option in the configurations and think about express delivery if you are not picking up your discs yourself. In any case please let us know when you want your discs to arrive. We’re pleased to do everything to help you meet your schedule and maybe even save the express costs.
  • I need the CDs but don’t have a release form

    There are two possibilities in this case: If we are looking after the registration we can send out the discs before the release form is there. Alternatively send us the signed licence application along with a scanned copy of the copyright agreement so that we can check the application and send it to GEMA.
  • Where should I send my Master copy to?

    Here’s our address to send the Discs to, or if you want to visit or pick up your discs:

    DEINE.CD Stralauer Allee 1
    10245 Berlin

  • Do I need to have a company to copy CDs?

  • It’s all too complicated and I don’t understand!

    No problem, send us a mail or better still, call us. You can reach us Monday – Friday from 9:00 till 5:00.
  • I am not from Germany - why should i care about the GEMA?

    1. If you are not a registered member of any author´s society and you pick up the CDs in our office or we send them to an adress in germany you have to fill out the GEMA "Lizenzantrag Tonträger" or "Lizenzantrag Sonderproduktion".
    2. If you are a registered member of an author´s society (not GEMA) and you pick up the CDs in our office or we send them to an adress in germany you may choose to fill out the "Lizenzantrag Tonträger" or "Lizenzantrag Sonderproduktion" from the GEMA or send us a similar paper from your countrys author´s society.
    3. Wether you are a registered member of an author´s society or not and we send the CDs to an adress outside germany we need a paper from your country´s author´s society. For example the SUISA in Switzerland, astro mechana in Austria, ASCAP or BMI in America, MCPS or PRS in England, etc.
  • Are my songs automatically registered with GEMA when I duplicate CDs?

  • Why do I have to fill out a form for GEMA, why do I have to register with GEMA, I’m not a member

    Every company that duplicates discs, has to register every production run. If the songs have been composed by a member of GEMA, then GEMA fees have to be paid – these go to the artist. You still have to fill out the form even if you are not a member – fees are due on cover songs for example. GEMA checks whether fees are due or not based on the information on your licence application. If the composer is not a member of GEMA, then no fees are due.
  • The last time I duplicated CDs I had to fill out the GEMA form. Does that make me a member?

    No. You only become a member once you have filled out the GEMA Deed of Assignment and have a membership number.
  • I don’t have any music on my discs! I just want them printed or just want to copy data onto them. Do I still have to fill out the GEMA application?

    No. In that case just fill out our copyright form, sign it and send it to us.
  • If you are taking care of the registration, are the GEMA fees included in the €30 charge?

    No. The charge covers our extra work. In this case you will receive an extra invoice directly from GEMA for the fees.
  • We ordered CDs 2 months ago, that included GEMA material and we still haven’t heard anything from them! Why?

    A GEMA invoice can take anything up to a year to arrive.
  • About our Mastering Services

    If you like we´re happy to help you in terms of audio, from consulting to various audio adjustments to full analog mastering. Every service is meant as a flat charge per songs, you have to specify the number of tracks in your order. Some details of our services:

    Basic Mastering: Here we adapt the loudness of the different tracks and ensure a headroom of -0,3 dB [to prevent clips and/or distortion]. We also perform a low cut at about 30/40 Hz [depending on the style of the music]. Finally, if it makes sense, we do fade-ins/fade-outs and/or cut away noise/unwanted silence at the end of a track, as well as adding some silence at the beginning of a track [e.g. if it's less than 300ms]. No intervention soundwise [e.g. equalizing]. The Basic Mastering service really just provides basic industry & broadcasting standards, keeping your production 'on the safe side'.

    Basic Mastering Plus: in addition to the basic mastering songs are also adjusted soundwise via equalization. If needed we also correct distortion, remove clipping, clicks as good as possible.

    Analogue Premium Mastering: Here we are talking about ‘professional’ mastering. It's the last step of music production. It lifts your tracks onto a higher level - to that of competitive radio and tv/film broadcasting standards.
    Premium Mastering gets the very best from your music & mixes.

    Our studio - which meets international standards, already provides a selection of finest high-end equipment such as: API, Lipinski, Knif Audio, Maag, ShadowHills, Elysia, AML, Burl….high end equipment that is that is continuously kept up to date & skillfully operated by our sound engineer Michael.
    Please check out some samples of his work on SoundSloud. We also regularly publish examples of our latest work on Facebook.

    Impressions from within our studio
    More about our Mastering Services
  • About our Graphic-Services

    If you like, we're more than happy to help you with all issues in terms of graphics. This ranges from just consultation to full layout service for your project. Here are some more details:

    Adaptation to our templates: We check your material and make sure that it fits our templates perfectly. Single pages will be matched to e.g. a booklet-template. Of course we focus on checking that no important information touches the bleed so it won't be in danger of getting accidentally cut off somewhere.

    Adaptation to our templates & typesetting/text layout: As above. But on request we also take care of the text layout e.g. on the backside of an inlay card or a digipack. We make sure that everything is readable and that no logos, pics, etc. are unwantedly encroaching onto any text.

    Adaptation to our templates & text layout & image editing: Basically as the above services. But in addition we provide creative input into your layout design, images/photos. Intergrating all elements artistically into the whole piece of artwork and creating a look and feel of it all being from one designed piece. Let our graphic designer surprise and hopefully convince you. You'll be amazed by what he is able to get out of your existing piece of artwork and designs.

    Full layout Service: We design the entire artwork for you. This of course requires close co-operation, briefings & feedback. Usually you would pay for a service like that per hour - however we offer it for an attractive flat fee. To get an idea of what we are talking about - here are some examples created by our very talented and enthusiastic graphic designer Steve:

    More about our Graphic-Services